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The perfect device for all your speech timing needs!

Product features:

  • Bright LED light signals
  • Standard speech times pre-programmed
  • Customizable time from 0-99 minutes
  • Easy to operate

7 reviews for SpeechStoplight

  1. Melissa Cohen

    We use this timer at my toastmasters club and it has worked incredibly well. I highly recommend it for your timing needs.

  2. Amy Z

    I am new to toastmasters and though wanting to fully participate, there is a LOT of information to inhale. I was thrilled to discover the simplicity and ease of utilizing the timing device. It is brilliant…one just follows the most readable steps and all pressure is off…didn’t have to learn or remember anything–the device did all that for me–allowing me to focus on the speakers and speeches. Every club should have one–I was amazed to find it wasn’t a required item.

  3. Matthew Margulies MD

    Thank you, Bart. The TIMER is user-friendly and has been a great help for me to recognize time limits !
    This is especially important when giving information in an extemporaneous SPEECH and during TABLE TOPICS and as an EVALUATOR .

  4. Shane

    This timer is used in our club and is very intuitive. It is very easy to use. New members to the club pick it up very easily with little instruction needed.

  5. Tom P.

    Used in two clubs. I like the display and has been reliable so far. One club doesn’t have convenient power source, almost out doors . Battery option in the future?

  6. Eve Giroux

    Love the bright LED lights that catch my attention when I’m speaking!
    We have many new members in our club, and the SpeechStoplight is easy enough to use for everyone, even guests 🙂
    Thanks for the great product.

  7. Porcupine Toastmasters

    Looks like an interesting offering!

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